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The Smidge

news, pictures, gossip -- no bashing.

Sarah Fans Unite
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Created and moderated by evemac, who was tired of posting information and pictures to her own journal. Because there are some of us out here. Fans of the Sarah, unite.

All members of the community are free to post the following:

- News
- Links
- Pictures [up to 3, the rest must be lj-cut]
- Articles [lj-cut long articles to your own discretion]
- Questions
- Icons

No icon requests, bashing, or general spam. Be tasteful, everyone. You don't like it when your friends list is filled with needless crap. Don't do it to others.

Those who disrespect the rules will be beat to death with a shovel. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend.

And if you don't get the humor in the above statement, you probably shouldn't be here anyway.

Have fun, and pimp the_smidge out to your Sarah-loving friends!